Create A Basic UI



I am extremely new to scripting and I am looking to create a simple UI that once you put the command /info the UI will appear.

My plan for the UI is to be informational only (So no creating cars, giving items, or anything) I want it to basically be structured like this.

Main Menu:
Server Rules
(Player clicks on one and it opens a new section)

Server Rules: (Each rule is a title when you click it will show the description of the rule)

Same thing with the laws. I have looked at several trainer scripts and other scripts that contain UIs but they all seem so complex for the basic thing I want.

I am just looking for someone to point me in the right direction either a tutorial on basic UI or just to help get me started.

Thanks in Advance!


UI in GTA is a bit hard to explain in one post but I’ll explain you something.

You need to design the layout in css, text in html, javascript for when u press esc it closes the menu and for window listener and LAST jquery to communicate back to lua client-side.

Three things are going to be your friend. the $(jqery), RegisterNUI and SendNuiMessage.


That’s the only thing I can think that would help you.

If you want to see an example of a working UI check,

The HTML part.


So I am been working with Action Menu and I understand what I am doing. It works in my test server an issue I am running in is on the main server. I don’t know if its just not opening with the button or if it conflicting with Dispatch System which is also on the server. If its conflicting does anyone know a fix. I believe something is conflicting on the main server but I am not sure what since I don’t have access to see it.