Crashes when trying to export project with server specific assets


Gta version Version 1.0.1290
Yes, Both FiveM and Grand theft auto 5 is up to date
jellycakes24 (Social Club) CreativityComa (steam)
Windows 10
I have not tried a caches.xml delete yet, I did not know you could safely
Error screenshot (if any)
AMD Fx-8350 8 core cpu, NVidia GTX 750Ti, 16gb’s of DDR3 ram, Running Gta on my hard drive (SSD contains windows)
I tried to export my project containing custom assets, I was exporting whilst on server
AHD Drift server (CitizenFX.log file)

DMP files:

The crash error I was given:

Also add what you already tried so far.
ReLaunching game and reloading textures, Not sure what else i could do :confused:


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