CPTA ROLEPLAY | Anyone can be cop / ems / fire | need admins and moderators


Hello I am cian p. the director of CPTA our other director is Rachael L. this is CPTA’s Reopening as we are happy to say the server is finish and ready for rp but we need members badly so we would appreciate a bit of support lets go through some things first We use discord https://discord.gg/hWJWbX We only allow good roleplay to take place anyone caught fooling around rdming or trolling will be kicked we like to make our members happy and enjoy taking in some ideas such as vehicles and scripts if you have any question don’t be afraid to ask we are always happy to help if people are messing around report to an admin here are some pictures we used to be known as purple haze rp so if we haven’t change our water mark yet your still on cpta

At the moment our staff are cian p. rachel L. + head admin Lily Queen


[1] once a whitelisted member you cannot dual clan

[2] No advertising includes pm advertising server advertising and voice advertising

[3]no rdm vdm

[4]Do not disrespect other members or staff

[5]No fail rp if you should be injured roleplay it

[6]No teleporting unless staff has said you can

[7]No racism

[8]Follow peoples pronouns etc he she him her

[9]Do not put in more than one application in if you do you will be auto matically declined

[10]Do not ask for tags apply

[11]Never patrol by yourself if you are not trained or completed your ridelong (Cop EMS And fire)

[12}No Spamming


[14]No corruptION

[15]No staff corruption

[16]No giving out ranks to anyone no matter what this goes to everyone including owners you will lose your rank immediately

[17]No self tagging

Any thing you want to ask come ask us thank you https://discord.gg/hWJWbX


this was my old account the servers closed i dont remember the pass word


Do you still need admins or is it too late?