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COUNTY LINE ROLEPLAY - Interview Server - Main Discord, only use after acceptance!


County Line Roleplay is based on professional roleplay in a family environment. Every member of CLRP is respected, and looked after by the administration team, staff team, and their peers.


I would like to point out some important things about this roleplay community. This server will ALWAYS be dedicated to feeding off your imagination. I’m heavily opposed to basing roleplay off of “job” frameworks like ESX and vRP. To me, these frameworks feel too much like GTA: Online, and not roleplay related. The very first communities that I joined on FiveM were all scripthook enabled servers, and after those old communities shut down, I tried non-scripthook related servers and I really didn’t enjoy it.


They are GUIDELINES because RULES are meant to be broken. Guidelines on this server are quite simple, and usually, if you have common sense you don’t even need to read them. I don’t enjoy vehicle blacklists, they take away from people’s roleplay opportunities. All I ask is that when doing more interesting roleplay scenarios, like using military vehicles, or aircraft, contact me (Jake N.) for a certification tag, and make yourself available for communication in Discord.


  • San Andreas Highway Patrol - The Highway Patrol on this server is what I consider the “main” police department. In this case, the HP is the hardest department to get into. Despite being contradictory towards the name, this department has full map jurisdiction, mostly acting as the state police. The Highway Patrol contains the Investigations/Intelligence division, Motorbike Unit, Tactical Team, Speed Enforcement, and Air Support. Although being the main inflow of law enforcement, there are jobs that are more focused and dedicated to the Sheriff’s Office.

  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office - The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office is a law enforcement agency which serves Blaine County, San Andreas. The Sheriff’s Office has a strong mentality of integrity, strength, and leadership in the community. The department consists of the Sheriff’s Administrative Command Services Division, Wildlife Rangers Division, Criminal Investigations Division, Warrant Services Division, and Court Liaison. Collectively, these Divisions provide services during and not during the patrols of the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office Deputies. There are also other services and responsibilities that the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office Provides include but are not limited to; state and federal task force participation, operation and management of the Blaine County jail system including contract services for detainees, emergency communications, all Blaine County coroner services, personnel services, departmental risk financial management plans.

  • San Andreas Department of Corrections - The San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (SADCR) is responsible for the operation of San Andreas’ state corrections, rehabilitation, probation and parole systems. SADCR parole systems. SADCR is also responsible for enforcement and investigations of parolees and prison inmates as well as supervision and monitoring of state prison inmates. Its headquarters is in Bone County, at the San Andreas Correctional Facility.

  • Los Santos Fire Department - This brand new department has just come out of the development phase, after being put in command by players who serve their community as Firefighters and Medics, I can tell that the realism factor from this department will be quite substantial. Although new, the groundwork for the department is complete and contains the following sub-divisions: Water Rescue, Fast Response, Life Flight Crew/Pilot, Field Training Officer, Search and Rescue Squad.


  • San Andreas Highway Patrol
    ~ Commissioner - Jake N. // Deputy Commissioner - N/A
  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
    ~ Sheriff - Ben // Undersheriff - N/A
  • San Andreas Department of Corrections
    ~ Communications Director - N/A
  • Los Santos Fire Department
    ~ Fire Commissioner - Miller // Battalion Chief - N/A
  • Communications Department
    ~ Communications Director - N/A

If you’ve made it this far, I would truly like to thank you for taking time out of your day to consider joining a great new roleplay community. :smiley:

Highway Patrol Commissioner


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As you can tell we revamped and changed our name, gained people, and have come a long ways! We have been working hard to bring you guys something good and something we think people will enjoy. Yes of course we want very serious roleplay, but we want that family fun where we can be ourselves while off duty. So I gladly present to you guys COUNTY LINE ROLEPLAY!!

Highway Patrol Commissioner



Just another bump

But wanted to let you guys know that we have about 7 people now who join us for patrols and such! We would love to have you here and join the fun.

    Once you join a member of the staff team will speak with you in the Welcome chat. During this time you will not see many Discord channels, that is because you can only see the necessary channels until you get the Member tag and that will reveal you to ALL the channels for you to chat with us! :slight_smile:

Highway Patrol Commissioner



Hey guys just another bump… but don’t click away yet! I wanted to let you know that we know have a CAD/MDT based around our community. We would like to get a decent sized patrol soon, so we hope we can see some of you in here! :slight_smile:

If you think you would fit well feel free to join our Discord or check out our Website below!

Thanks for checking us out!!

Highway Patrol Commissioner


Great Community! Love server staff and members! Everyone is so nice!!! Definitely recommend!