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Countryside Roleplay Server information


Staff List:

  • Director: 101 Alex S.
  • Deputy Director: 102 Ryan S…
  • Assistant Deputy Director: N/A
  • Director of Administration: N/A
  • Director of Development: N/A
  • Head Administrator: N/A
  • Head Moderator: N/A

Note: We DO NOT accept merging requests

Public Server IP:

Promotional Video: Coming Soon
Vehicle Showcase: Coming Soon

—> Interview Discord:


Who Are We?
CSRP is a GTA V Five M Community that I created over a year ago, One of my main wishes was to have a successful Community and have a good staff. I want you guys to help me accomplish that. We are currently hiring all of our positions listed below. We do have Chat Commands in the process and we have Custom Cars, peds, a Custom CAD (made by ModernCAD). etc, Our long-term plans include a full economy - ability to buy and sell houses/apartments and businesses, get/lose jobs, and of course receive paychecks to spend on items such as new vehicles, vehicle repairs. We also have plans to launch a website for easier access to the server.

CSRP Mandatory Requirements:
-Must be at least 14 years of age
-High maturity level
-Dedicated to being active
-Show up to mandatory meetings
-Not in other roleplay communities that will alter participation in CSRP

CSRP Preferred Requirements (Requirements that promote a higher opportunity for acceptation to the community):
-Have experience with roleplaying and understand the operation
-Been in serious roleplay communities
-Patience while applying
-Have knowledge in the department you have applied for


Once Completed ^^ Comment on this Post and I will review and Message you.

What We Offer

Operations Applications Included

What is “Operations”?
Well, Operations jobs are what help our community run as smoothly as it possibly can so our Directors can expand their reach within the community and offer its members to be involved with Administrative actions and thoughts throughout CSRP. Most of our jobs are mainly about outreach in the Community and Technical things within, but we also have our IA and Development departments which handle server issues and disputes within the community.


  • Los Santos Police Department
  • San Andreas State Police
  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
  • San Andreas Fire Department
  • San Andreas Emergency Medical Services
  • Civilian Operations
  • San Andreas Communications
  • San Andreas DOT (Coming Soon)


Chief of Police: N/A

  • Special Weapons and Tactics
  • Detectives
  • Motor Bike Unit
  • Port Authority
  • Air Support
  • Traffic Services Unit

Commissioner: 2001 Ryan O.

  • Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
  • State Police Investigations Unit
  • DUI Enforcement
  • Motor Bike Unit
  • Air Support

Sheriff: N/A

  • Special Response Unit
  • Wildlife Rangers
  • Warrant Services
  • K9 Unit

Fire Chief: 101 Alex S

  • HAZMAT (Unknown Apparatus for the moment)
  • Fire Investigations
  • Special Response Unit (Rescue 4)
  • San Andreas Hotshots

San Andreas EMS
EMS Chief: N/A

  • Lifeflight Operations
  • Rescue Medics

San Andreas Communications
Director: 102 Ryan S.

  • Tactical Dispatchers
  • Fire/EMS Dispatchers
  • Hostage Negotiation

Civilian Director: N/A

  • Tow
  • Weasel News
  • Gruppe 6
  • Anything you can think of (gangs, Robber group, Big Corporation eg. Clucking Bell)

I would like to deem our group open once again but… We are only accepting people for Operations jobs listed above and we are only hiring department heads who we think can fit in this community and effectively run their department.

Still hiring Department heads, staff and operations jobs!

We are hiring department heads, staff members, and operations job leaders. Operations jobs include Developers, Tech. Support, Recruitment department, Public Relations, and Internal Affairs.

Still hiring all operations jobs and staff members!!

If you are still wanting to join the community we have re-opened and are accepting members/ :slight_smile:

We are hiring ALL department including Operations, and we are looking for Department heads and staff members!

I reviewed your application and I have replied to you with an email.

I filled out my app and I’m in the recruitment server. Not sure if I did everything correctly or not.

Yup just fnished applying.

Still hiring all operations jobs and staff members!!

Still hiring all operations jobs and staff members!!

Our group is up and running again if you are interested please fill out an application and send me a message on discord Thanks.

  • CSRP Director Alex Shaw
    Discord: TheManAlex#7957