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                                  Server information

Staff List:
Owners: Hunter and Mike
Server Manager: Max
Head Admin: TBD

Note: We DO NOT accept merging requests
Note: We are looking for a developer who can actually code, to help us create even more custom scripts or graphics in game (Hud,Scoreboards,In game cads etc) Please do not hesitate to message us.

Note: We are a brand new server, so we do not have any members, which means we are in dire need of department heads for SAFD and SAST so please apply!

Public Server IP:

Promotional Video: Coming Soon
Vehicle Showcase: Coming Soon

Website: https://countryroadsrp.com
—> Discord: http://discord.gg/aNG3b4j <—

Who are We?
CRRP is a GTA V Five M Community that I created about a month ago, One of my main wishes was to have a successful Community and have a good staff. I want you guys to help me accomplish that. We are Currently hiring all of our positions listed below. We have Custom Cars, retextured EUP skins, lots of businesses to take over or even the ability to start a gang and farm drugs, ability to buy and sell houses/apartments, get/lose jobs, and of course receive paychecks to spend on items such as new vehicles, vehicle repairs.

CRRP Preferred Requirements (Requirements that promote a higher opportunity for acceptation to the community):
-Have experience with roleplaying and understand the operation
-Been in serious roleplay communities
-Patience while applying
-Have knowledge in the department you have applied for

What We Offer in emergency services


San Andreas State Troopers
San Andreas Fire Department
United States Marshal’s Office


Untitled.png1024x321 324 KB

  • Special Weapons and Tactics
  • Detectives
  • Motor Bike Unit
  • K9
  • DUI Checkpoints
  • Air Support
  • Traffic Services Unit

Untitled.jpg1024x321 186 KB

  • Lifeflight Operations
  • Medical Examiner
  • Fire Investigations

Civilian Operations

(All thought some examples are listed, its not limited you can do what ever you want if you own said company)

San Andreas Repair’s and Towing
-Fix Cars for a price
-Tow Cars around the city

Weasel News
-Make Articles
-Interview citizens around the city
-Set up a news broadcast

Gruppe 6 Security
-Provide Security for businesses or private citizens
-Work aside with the SAST with basic operations

Car Dealership
-Sell cars to the public

San Andreas Taxi Service
-Drive normal civillians around the state
-Offer private chauffeur services to people

None of this sounds like what you want? You’re in luck, this is not all you can do, feel like doing something else? anything you can think of (Big Corporation eg. Clucking Bell) is fair game.


Do you not like playing for the good guys? well we offer the ability to create a whitelisted gangs that you can advertise people to join, which can be just going around and robbing people, or if you want to take over a controlled drug given to you by the state government officials (Admins) and you can set up a flow of farming and selling.

If any of this interests you, please come onto our discord and check us out, we do not have many members as we are brand new so we ask that you give us a chance.


Have you ever wanted to work a bar? or open a restaurant? Do you like working on cars and want to own a repair shop? Apply to open your own business or take over the existing businesses listed above! We will also help you as much as we can so your business goes your way, (E.g: Restaurants we can add a bunch of different foods to the server that only you can sell.)

come on the discord or visit the website for more info!


Still hiring Emergency Services Leaders

Police Chief
SAFD Chief

Along with business owners!

Come on discord today and apply! (Again, we are brand new so we have barley any members however we ask you take a chance with us!)


Good day to fill up :wink:


Officers has found the stolen Target truck with $40,000 worth of goods at a bunker in the canals, an investigation is pending.

Help us with the investigation today and join our discord!


Buying a brand new car! :smiley:

It could be yours too :wink:


Meet our police fleet!


Officers responded to a shots fired call, when the arrived they had a DOA subject.


Los Santos customs found them self under new management!
Apply to work with them today, or at least make sure you check out their services!


Go Figure the FBI is spying on the CIA… What did they uncover??

Searching for a Whitelisted Community!

I’ve been playing for a few days now, and I have to say this has been a wonderful experience. The server staff is helpful and wonderful to hang around with even after hours. The department leaders are active, willing, and ready to help all players. They are looking for business leaders and car salesman! Come on over!


The server had barely any members, and their rule is come and Roleplay since they have like 12 members there isnt any rp, I dont recommend joining this server and I recommend looking for a different one! 0/5 starts