Country Roads Roleplay | Economy | Custom EUP uniforms | Added Vehicles | Looking for Business Owners | Whitelisted Police



Welcome to Country Roads Roleplay. We are a brand new server that is economy based, which allows you to work for your money to buy our custom cars and a house!

Here at Country Roads RP we have many non-whitelisted jobs you can work for, however if you decide you get bored you can apply to be a member to allow you access to apply for much more for example:

San Andreas State Troopers
San Andreas Fire and EMS
(Both come with awesome EUP uniforms and cars that were created by our devs.)

Civilian Side
-Los Santos Car Dealership
-San Andreas Real Estate office
-San Andreas Taxi Co.
Or you can create your own business like airlines, private investigation, the limits never end!

IF you dont like working create a gang! Control drugs and sell them to make cash, just dont get caught!

Here at Country Roads RP the experience will never get boring there is always a new event happening.

We are currently in development so we ask that you at least come check us out, as we do not have any members yet.

We are also looking for a developer (Not the kind to just drag and drop files… who can actually code)

Check us out today and ask questions!! (still in the works)
server IP is on the discord or you can just look us “Country Roads Roleplay”


After hours of me having no life, I have added lots of “realistic” stuff into the server like windows computers, vending machines, garbage, food and drink remodels – although they have no need into the server I hope it will bring your RP a little more enjoyable!


Updated Discord Link:


Still in need of Department heads, and Business owners! Come talk to us today!


Showing off our new skinned car and custom EUP Uniform. :slight_smile:


New Fleet of police cars are in!

Come check these bad boys out!