Couldn't assign Object ID for Player


Hey Guys my Server Console is spreading this everytime out, and I dont know why

couldn’t assign an object id for player!

This happens when some player is joining (Not everyone)
after leaving the server the error was gone


I think I remember someone saying it was a problem with a script, I forget which one though :thinking:


Update your server, this is related to OneSync AFAIK.


I have the newest update



Rolls back to
Onesync not available for normal servers this time.


So downgrade huh? …


This is happening to my server now…

Are there performance or any other downsides to it or is just the spamming of the console the only downside?


Same issue here, doesn’t seem to be effecting anything, just spams the console


Chaixshot thats the solution. Thanks


It’s something to do with onesync, which is not stable to be used on servers at this time.


Btw, that didnt fix the problem. Just Temporarely


Keep getting this spam as well.