Could someone help me with a anti Steam script?




I’m working on a roleplay server. For this server we need the username setting that you can use with FiveM.
This only works when you have Steam closed down. I’ve already created (got some code from the internet and edited it) a script that gets my the client license so I can use it for other stuff like a menu. But I still have to prevent people from using Steam. Any help would very much be appreciated.


Made a quick script that will disconnect any players who join with steam running. Just put it in your code or make a resource for it.

	for _, v in ipairs(GetPlayerIdentifiers(source)) do
		if string.find(v,"steam") then
			setKickReason("Please close Steam before joining!") -- set reason
			CancelEvent() -- stop player connecting


Thank you! Will try it out when I’m back from school.

Late reply:
Works like a charm! Thanks again!