Could not load component terminal-client.dll


I just got fivereborn the other day and I have yet to get it to work. I dont know if it is because of the anniversary update, but I tried running it in compatibility mode for windows 8 it still gives the error. "Could not load component terminal-client.dll Windows error code 126."
Things I’ve done:
Ran as administraor
Compatibility mode
Made sure gta was updated
Uninstalled and Reinstalled

So I am kinda out of options now if anyone could help.


Same error code but different file


CitizenFX Fatal Error
"Could not load component net-tcp-server.dll - Windows error code 126."


What did you re-install? GTA? Show your FR folder.


Ive got the same problem


@Boss I reinstalled fivereborn


@Boss 0_1471234846029_error126.png




Show your GTA V folder.


@Boss ![alt text]


Did you solve this issue?


Three year old topic, please mind the topic dates.

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