Could not find the game executable {GTA5.exe) at the configured path



I had an accident and had to exchange my laptop, this time I downloaded the game to the D drive instead of the C as I had before, it had filled up the C drive on my damaged laptop. This time I bought download the game from steam as the discs weren’t working. I click the shortcut and get this…Could not find the game executable {GTA5.exe) at the configured path. Please check your CitizenFX.ini.file

Also all my old shortcuts showed up on my new laptop, I looked for 5M to remove and reinstall it but I can’t find it.

I tried to change the citizenFX.ini to put it in the D drive, at this point I have no other ideas.

GTA V version Latest
**Up to date? YES
**Windows 10
**Did you try to delete caches.xml don’t know how

I have no idea about the rest of the template information, man I’m technologically, uh, challenged?

Did you try to disable/uninstall your Anti-virus? I think so.

I thought there was help desk before. Anyway thanks for any help here, I miss the zombie survival servers, I stink at pubg, and can’t wait for dead red redemption.


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