[COUCHDB] Database updates but groups aren't added


I’m trying to figure out COUCHDB and how to configure the new essential-mode for it.

  • I can get my database to update with the essential*mode database.
  • I can see data get updated and profiles get created when a player joins my server

The problems I am having

  • esssential*mode resource has a preconditioned failed (412) error
  • es*admin resources can not call Nill value line 13 (the first admin group) I don’t think it’s writing to the database or able to update the database groups.

If I clear my cache and delete the database in COUCHDB I don’t get the 412 error until the server restarts, does that mean the error is a check for if the essential*mode database has been created?

I think groups aren’t getting added to my COUCHDB database did I miss something in the .lua files for configuring this?

I run this from a dedicated local machine on windows 10.


Try posting in the topic for this ‘essential*mode’, this isn’t related to FiveM at all.