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Cosmos RP is a new server where you can play the life of a criminal or just be a memeber of the city! We have a wide range of jobs and activites around the map so you can chill out with your friends! We are also looking for staff / civs / police / paramedics and devs! We also have a queue system setup!

Who we are looking for!

  • Active Police / LEO
  • Medics
  • Staff / Admins
  • Devs

Our discord has all the information including applications! -

Server is being updated weekly and is in beta but open for the public

Thanks , Mine Pup!


Also looking for EMS command! Join the discord!


Update 26/11/17

  • Lockpicks can now be purchased from a normal store. These will unlock any vehicle
  • Lockpicks can be seized by police
  • You can plate check vehciles
  • Police can now change car liverys
  • Police should be able to see eachover on the map with custom blips
  • 8 Robbable Banks
  • Rockford Jewelry Store Is Now Robbable
  • Removed AI medics / police responding to calls (No police AI)
  • Less NPC spawning
  • Less NPC traffic

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Cosmos RP


:ok_hand: Best Roleplay Experience :ok_hand:
:police_car: Accepting Police Applications :police_car:
:ambulance: Accepting EMS Applications :ambulance:
:gear: Frequent Updates! :gear:
:100: Friendly Staff :100:
:jeans: Custom Clothing :jeans:
:house: Custom Housing :house:
:classical_building: Businesses :classical_building:
:briefcase: Custom Jobs! :briefcase:
:blue_car: Custom Cars! :blue_car:
:Police: Full Police System :Police:
:heartbeat: Fully Set Up Paramedic System :heartbeat:
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Update 03/12/17

  • Changed Garage Framework
  • New Car Shop
  • Fixed Random Map Blips
  • Adjusted Paychecks
  • New Police Veh
  • New Civs Veh
  • LS Customs Now Charges You
  • New Radar
  • More Housing
  • Fixed Fines
  • Police Menu should be at top!
  • Fixed shit


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#13 - Staff apps are now open!1


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Bump - Staff Apps Still Open -


it is saying invite invalid or expired i am interested in developing !