Cosmic RP | Serious RP | Real life cars | COPS, FIRE/EMS AND ADMINS WANTED | Doj like | Join today!


Cosmic RP is a server that is just gone up and needs a strong community. The community needs Cops, Fire/ems and Admin over 14 years old or more. We are Doj like with scripts like simple fix, vSync, Deleteveh and more. We also have Real life cars with anyone being allowed to drive then unlike other servers. We also have a good Ranking system for cops, Fire/ems and more with heads of department being allowed to change if they wanted to. Admins from the us and other country’s will be accepted and needed.
Also at the current moment we use discord with team speak server coming to along with a website.

Discord Link XAubTjK

Developers of the server:

At the current moment the developers of the server is just me. We will be recruiting for developers in the future that can help with making custom scripts and more. At the moment we also need a developer for a cad/mdt system.

Civ Ranks and Mafia

The civ ranks will be trusted Role player you can earn this by player on the server and basically doing good rps You can earn this faster by doing Rps with admins and cops. MAFIA to get into the mafia you will need to apply you will start as mafia driver and then work your way up the ranking system. We are also looking for 2 mafia bosses.

Blaine County Sheriff’s Office





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