CopsRP not showing on server list?



So I Am The Owner operator of CopsRP and recently (today 02/02/2018) my servers stopped showing up on the server list is it possible they have been blacklisted or something is there anyway to find out?

if anyone could let me know that would be greatly appreciated,
server 1 and 2 are no longer sending a handshake to the fivem servers


who are you using to host your servers?


i use VPS’s
20 characters at least


Type heartbeat into your console, what comes back?


nothings coming back after typing heartbeat into console image


It’s not outputting the correct shit. Mind uploading your CitizenFX.log or whatever its called?


turns out my firewall had changed somehow and “deleted” the rules i believe because its been fine til today but thank you for your time guys… i’m dumb should’ve checked that first


Is there other ports to open for the serverlist stuff? i’ve 30120 and 4499. should 30110 allso be open?


you only need 30120… that is it.


I have that already. “sending heartbeat to” and no reply.


What ‘reply’ are you expecting? There isn’t a reply when the heartbeat is sent.


Okey, didnt know that thanks for the info, but what could be the problem ?


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