Cops and robbers [gamemode]



I just wanted to make some gamemode and this one was first one that came in my mind. If you
have played GTA IV cops and robbers/Cops ‘n’ Crooks gamemode then you already know what’s this gamemode about.

In this gamemode players are split into 2 teams - cops and robbers. Robbers have to protect their boss from cops, which is chosen randomly from robbers. Boss need to get to getaway vehicle, while cops are trying to stop him by killing him or destroying getaway vehicle.

Gamemode contains:

  • Scoreboard
  • 2 teams - cops,robbers
  • Specific loadout for each team
  • Map variations - different spawnpoints, getaway vehicles
  • Team/all chat - you can use /team command to say something to just your team

And that’s kinda all I can say for now, didnt put a lot of time into writing description about this but I hope thats enough for now.
I would love to see people feedback, ideas about this gamemode, and I hope that you will like it.

Sorry for my bad english!


The discord invite doesnt work :frowning:


Changed the link. Now it should work!


Doesnt work either. You have to create a link that doesnt expire.


Ye I’m sorry :sweat_smile:. Now it should 100% work