[Converted] Cadillac "The Beast" Presidential State Car [Waving flags | Add-On]




Requested by:@Super_Cool_Mand

Spawn name: “OneBeast”


Yes. My man. This is great. It would look better with snails on the flags tho. Not going to lie.



type or paste code here


really i didnt? it says “Original” at the top ,please check before u write :slight_smile:


at home she spawn in yellow


@Kvetz could you make a Presidential Pack and also add these mods, would be amazing to have.


Agree this would be amazing but it’s a big ask. LOL


No hard in trying haha!


FYI the enterable Air Force One currently crashes the client due to vertex errors found by FiveM’s newish model checker thing.


Big planes tend to never work with FiveM for me at least


I still personally feel that a snail on the rear wing of the planes would make it 100% better.


Some one has to make a snail parade car or a snail van idk. I might skin one for the fun. :slight_smile:


I Claim Copyright xD


oh oh.What about a massive snail on the blimp?


Ahh Fuck Me Silly. Thats Next Level Shit.


lol I’m gonna do that. Ill copyright you :slight_smile:


The same day you released this I also converted this model and put it on my server and did a live stream on it lol : )


Nevermind i converted all the files myself now and all working


I can make a FiveM Snail Car


yea I seen that my appoligies I also thought I deleted my msg as soon as I saw it