Controller issue


i need some help iv been trying to add a controller to fivem server but my ps4 controller wont work and my xbox 360 controller wont work either using the wire that plugs in to controller and i still cant get them to work some one help


Ok, I use a ps4 controlller and the only way I know it works is using a software called DS4. It is easy to set up, just make sure ds4 is started before playing FiveM & with Xbox controllers, you should be able to plug in and play!
(Also I would recommend using a usb for both)

Ds4 link -


Thanks ill give it a shot


Yea, np! Let me know if it works.


Thank u it works my ps4 contoller


Awesome, glad I could help!


Another question do u know any good real cops and civ rp servers that allow the uses of other ppls mods like i want to play on one until mines done being created fully but want to use my own cars addons


I have a server, but I don’t know what you mean by using your cars… I can invite you if you like!


How can i allow other players with there own mods menus and added cars to use them in a server i created thats also has mod menu and car addons


If u would like to send me your server name ill hope on


Use A Program called InputMapper to link your controller to PC.