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I am the Director of Los Angeles Department of Public Justice. Here you can find an amazing, friendly, respectful community experience, with serious roleplay. LDOPJ is a community that is dedicated, first to have fun and present the community to provide a realistic roleplay.

LDOPJ was formed in March 2018. LDOPJ is a small and brand new community. We hope to grow and expand the roleplay possibilities within the community.


Los Angeles Police Department

Los Angeles Sheriff Department

Los Angeles Highway Patrol

Los Angeles Fire Department

Los Angeles Emergency Medical Department

Los Angeles Communications Department

Civilian Operations

Los Angeles Department Of Public Justice Staff Team - ( Developer, Admin, Moderator, trial mod)

Community Requirements?

As much as we would love to accept everyone, we can’t. There are some requirements to join LDOPJ.

Mic is a requirement

Follow all rules in discord/teamspeak and on the server.

Be able to download Teamspeak 3

Own a legit copy of Grand Theft Auto V (unless signing up for Communications)

Meet the age requirement of 13

Can not be in any active FiveM Roleplaying community

Contact: 4


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Civilian Department

LAJ Registered Civilian Application

This is To Become A Official LAJ Civilian! Being One Gives You A Few Benefits. These Range From Vehicles, Discord Roles, Special Promotions And More!

Los Angeles Police Department

Los Angeles Sher iff Department 2

Los Angeles Highway Patrol 1

Los Angeles Fire Department

Los Angeles Emergency medical Services

Los Angeles department of Public Justice Staff team


Do not request for us to merge with your clan/community without contacting command staff. You will not be able to join TS3/Discord until your application is complete. You will get an email saying whether you have been accepted or declined.

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you soon!

Owner - Aaron

Co-Owner - Oscar

Head Of Administration - Available position

Administration - Rick

LADOPJ - More than a Community