Constantly receiving "october-michigan-lithium" error


What settings are you/the killed person using in Lambda Menu to have this happen all the time?


We downgraded to enhanced reborn and I am about to get back to Lambda.
My actual settings on Enhanced Reborn 5 are (Mostly the same on Lambda)


Didn’t it use to work out fine enough a few months ago? Some people were forced into the Franklin skin after dying, more or less not properly respawning. I remember people were forced into it and have had to respawn somehow again. Such as the weapon wheel’s HUD was gone. You would still get the blurred background like if the wheel was there, but it wasn’t.
Used to respawn again to get it back, usually that was bound being in Franklin’s skin at the same time, but not all the time. Though this linked at a failed respawn. This is so far that is still in my mind right now. It’s quite confusing, but also interesting, forced into Franklin’s skin after a mishap at respawning, people didn’t crash, now somehow it does. Maybe something in the client, but not only focusing on the client, might an issue? No solid facts about it from my side, I could only recommend more testing to assure a more fluent gameplay.
Anyhow, I highly believe it’s something that has to do with respawning, though now it leads to crashes, not like a few months ago.



Correct observation, it crashes from the HUD code, which seems to corrupt memory since the newer GTA V patch.

This still doesn’t help identify a cause as to what breaks the HUD system when respawning, but that does show it isn’t a new bug - just that R*‘s new updates cause the game (and others’ games, as well, in the same session?!) to crash when this happens, where ‘this’ seems related to having set skins using trainers/certain scripts.


I forgot to mention, that it does happen when you are hit elsewhere than in head, but in general, when you are shot in head, you instantly respawn without having the franklin skin / invisible weapon wheel hud.


This can also be triggered by someone becoming an animal that can not survive on land. I presume an easy way to kill themselfs to trigger this. We fixed it by forcing godmode.


We used to get the october-michigan-lithium error on our servers a lot, and after lots of testing, we narrowed it down to the lambda menu and skin control. Disabling scripthook removed that error and I’m yet to hear from anyone on our servers getting that error. What we also found out that if we killed someone who had skin control (tattoes, body modifications, etcetera) that would cause an immediate server crash with the same error.


Disabled scripthook on my server a while ago and have still been getting this error.


Note Enhanced Reborn is a decent Substitute for Lambda and it doesn’t cause issues for me at least


Use a revive system, it adds to roleplay and prevents crashing.


no it does not. we have a revive system and it still causes the same error for our server.


The issue is still persisting, anyone have a fix?


If they are server admins yes.

If you’re a server admin and allow trainers(specifically trainers like Lambda that allow you to change your skin), you MUST use a script to force god mode. Otherwise crashing will continue.
Here’s a great one to use [Release] vBasic v2.3 | Basic server settings/configuration
The crash occurs when someone with a custom skin dies. If you allow trainers AND you allow dying, you’re making it extremely easy for people to make the crash occur.


If you disable scripthook (in my case) but have mellotrainer which is server-side but using custom skins. I’m the owner… but how do you recommend we prevent the crashing in such instance? We’re a RP server and forcing god mode would (1) make our death system obselete and (2) defeat the purpose of Roleplay being that people have to ragdoll out in order to “appear” dead… similar to what DOJ does. Having god mode defeats the purpose of people being able to loose health and die.


As far as RP goes, there are a few RP servers that don’t allow death(Rockstars version of death). If they get low enough in HP, they go into a different death mode where they drop to the ground and someone has to either revive them or they have to wait a certain amount of time before being able to get back up. If you’re also a programmer, I suggest making 1HP the minimum amount of HP it will let you have, then once you reach it you can’t gain HP and will be stuck in a fake death mode till an ambulance arrives or you wait a few minutes… That’s the only way I can think of. That would also encourage players to value life a little more which is an important part of RP anyways.


That’s what I currently have. Players go into a coma, and then the die after 4 minutes and respawn at the hospital - but we’ve never had this issue till today, and we’ve had custom skins in for like 3-4 days now and have had many deaths since then. So the fact it happened today was kinda alarming.


You just gotta prevent actual death in the game lol. At the end of the 4 minutes, do they actually die in the game or do they teleport to the hospital?


If I’m not mistaken. They die. Which them dying respawns them at the hospital.


I’d disable game-death because from everything I’ve read, that’s what’s causing the crashing. Someone said that when someone dies with a custom skin, the game tries to respawn their character with their player skin and gets confused and that’s what causes the crashing…

If your script would put players in a coma, then teleport them to the hospital after 4 min(instead of killing them; while also resetting their HP value, taking away their items, etc), that would be more of a simulated death instead of an actual game death, without the game freaking out.


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