Connection was reset CURL code error 56


Hello, I have a small problem with my server gta 5 rp hosted on my second pc and I currently play with a more powerful pc but since the update of FIVEM my server appears in list and when I try to Connect me here is the message that I receive: Failed handshake to server my ip RECV failure : Connection was reset CURL code error 56 ( failure when receiving data from peer ) can you help me thanks !


Disable anti virus or web protection software.


No I have no active antivirus but since their last update


Is it still happening as of right now.


Yes since last update


I have no idea man. You may find help on their discord. But other then that you may just need to wait.


Have the same error.

I have open the port 30120 on my computer and my box for connection in out withe udp/tcp.
box configuration:

and when i set my firewall down the error stay.
Does exist any solution?


If it could help
I made a Wireshark capture between:
client > server
server > client
Whireshark record
I record that when i try to connect on the server.


Good evening I have the same error if somebody has a solution squeezed cool I think that the version of the server is not any more the sameā€¦


i have the same error, is anyone have the solution ?..


I also start having this issue after my FXServer is up for a few hours, my CitizenMP server is running fine for days so far and their both running on the same vps.


Hello, did anyone find a solution?

Thank you


Link photos: