Connection failed - Failed handshake to server - CURL error code 52


Rebooted VPS 8 hours before. Client joined fine. Then cannot join my server the next morning it says:
Connection failed - Failed handshake to server . . . . : - Empty reply from server - CURL error code 52 (Server returned nothing (no headers, no data)).
FXServer and proot appear in ‘top’. I pkill FXServer. I restart. Loads and connects fine. It happens daily. I have since tried joining the server with firewalld stopped as Mittens recommended. This did not solve the issue. Same error.

This Screenshot show the result of this command: iptables -L | grep 301

ACCEPT tcp – anywhere anywhere tcp dpt:30120 ctstate NEW
ACCEPT udp – anywhere anywhere udp dpt:30120 ctstate NEW

How do I stop this error? It is only worked around by restarting FXServer after which everything is fine for 3-36 hours.


I’m having the same issues with my linux server, if I leave it on for a couple of days without anyone joining it stops responding. Even though it still appears online in the serverlist, nobody can join. I know @xlxAciDxlx had/has the same issue. Like you said, server reboot solves it for another couple of hours/days. Not sure what’s causing this.