Concerns about the future of FiveM


I’ve been waiting since the start of the PC version for a multiplayer mod. And since this one seems to be getting more traction than the others had, I wanted to ask some questions before getting my hopes up for a next SA:MP or MTA:SA. Since this may not fit well in TECHNICAL support, i will be posting it here even tho it’s mostly a question.
Also, I understand that some of these questions may be a little tricky to respond due to the current grey area that this project is probably being developed on. So I understand if the staff does not want to respond to all of them.

  • Like the project GTA:MP, the descriptions on leads me to believe that the the project has no ties to any part of GTA V or GTA:O servers, and seems to be done from the ground up (sync, connection, validation, etc) stand-alone using only assets from the base game, is that correct?

  • When I search for FiveM and this kind of information, I get a lot of mentions of “Five Reborn” what exactly are your ties to Five Reborn and what does that mean to the project?

  • FiveM was noticiated to had been taken down along with GTA-MP by TakeTwo on that thing with private investigators, what exactly happened after that? Is the project back up with other developers? Is this an entirely new project?

  • GTA-MP’s blog says that although TakeTwo took them down, they were receiving positive feedback from Rockstar Games during the development, have you guys gotten any word from rockstar or even TakeTwo?

  • Is there any Q&A section or something like that I’m too dumb to find and where I can find questions like these?

that’s it, I hope this is not too much of questioning…
Sorry for any typo, English is not my native language


All I’m going to say is this. Rockstar is still selling copies of gta5. It’s not because of story mode or shark card auto online. Modded servers are gaining traction and RP is as popular as ever on twitch. FiveM’s TOS platform service agreement is crystal clear. As long as FiveM and server owners aren’t profiting off of R*'s creation everything should be fine. Gta5 is still selling copies and I believe FiveM has a lot to do with that. Hell, I bought it twice on PC. Once just because of FiveM. I bought it on ps3, ps4, and twice on PC.


Similarly to original FiveM, yes: only the on-disk game assets get used - ROS only gets invoked for one-time validation of ownership for non-Steam copies.

‘FiveReborn’ was an interim attempt by another group of developers to compile and run the released FiveM source code. The current project is a continuation of their community using a fixed and much improved codebase.

It’s the same codebase, but with new developers: us, the CitizenFX Collective.

Their communication with Rockstar North has never been proven, it’s still common belief that this was bluff as part of their marketing strategy.

There’s the FAQ on the main website (scroll to the bottom), but these questions aren’t relevant enough to be placed there.


Thank you a lot for your reply. And sorry for not seeing the FAQ at the end :sweat_smile: