Community making NEW Rp server for GTA, Wanting more Developers!


Hi, I am part of a mature community name TPG (TwinPeaks Gaming) we are starting up a new server 18+ and we have a lot added to it already, but need some help adding more and tweaking everything. Currently we have only one person doing everything and I would like to help but I am not familiar with this type of thing. So I would love to have someone be able to her in developing the server and adding/adjusting mods. Or teach a few of us how to help her. Just reply here if you are interested in helping at all. Here is a link to our site if you want to check it out.


So far we have multiple jobs (Fisherman, Miner, Dressmaker, Taxi, mechanic, Banker, Car salesman, Butcher, Petrochemist, Lumberjack, EMS, Reporter, Lawyer, Porn Star, LSPD, Real Estate Agent) Wanting to add a few more possibly. Mostly need help on the housing part, For some reason when we try to buy the house and then visit it nothing happens. Trying to perfect emotes also. Want to add the ability to sell Weed to npcs anywhere, and also a chop shop. So far thats all I can think of that we need some help on.