Community looking for an active developer


Hey there, we are a seeking an active developer who knows his stuff through lua and etc.
I am also willing to offer you a good position in our community based on your knowledge and more.

Please do contact me through discord - Wmil#6254
This is a opportunity you don’t want to miss, if you wanna make something great :slight_smile:


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Almost none or even none dev will want to do anything for you if you just give a high position in your community, at least not me, only if your community is one of the largest and even so are few dev’s that do it. Try to at least talk more about the projects you have in mind and what you currently have on your server … I do not see any opportunity here that I can not “lose”


will help you pm me i do dev


Well if I wanted to share everything here I would have done that.
It’s a reason why I added my discord tag here, cause we can discuss the details there.
So tone your spicy comment down boi.


I was just expressing my opinion, everyone thinks what they want, if you want a true developper I think it’s difficult, because at least I as a developer prefer to work on my own server or be compensated monetarily to work FULL TIME on a server. But this is just my opinion and ideas, I can help you but not as a full time dev, I can give you a hand in some scripts!


I understand you fully here Cheleber. I maybe should have added that part about we need someone that can be a like a full time developer for our server, cause the project will be time consuming. But appreciate the helping hand here bud. I am in contact with a developer right now, so let’s see how that works out :slight_smile:


Good luck my friend, if you need something, PM me
Or add me discord: Cheleber#0967


I appreciate that, thanks! :+1:


what do you need done?