:mascot: Community Art



My :heart: for the :mascot: is very very big. For that reason I could not hold back the urge to :raised_hands: the :mascot: by creating art for it so that we can all :raised_hands: and show our :heart: and respect for the :mascot: visually.
And since this is a Wiki post feel free to add to this topic, and honor :mascot: with your own art as well.


Snail Chewing


Snail & FiveM Memes #FiveMemes


Snail Art

Credits: Skypo, Flatracer, Vespura

(Please do not remove anyone else’s work. Thank you!)

[Release] AFK-Screensaver

Ohhh these are great. I love the last one, eating T2


these are lovely, thank you very much :mascot:


this is probably the best thing i’ve seen on this forum so far.


i like how the :mascot: has a friend peeking in on top :open_mouth:


:mascot: These are amazing :mascot:


You can never have enough of :mascot:


@natrium Or is it…? Is it a friend…? Is :mascot: not the only one? Are there more? Find out more on the next episode!


the :mascot: is strong in this one


These are amazing! All hail the mighty :mascot:


Hail :mascot:. They will lead us to victory


Added a few more!

Some more.


Image could not be loaded :frowning:


What about some Christmas feelings?

Loads just fine here (Firefox).


ALL PRAISE TO THE :mascot: !!!

Added some new ones!!!

AND made the main post a Wiki so any community member can add their own art!!! :heart:


looks cool how you make it?


Glory to :mascot: !

New batch

@Ironman_Baller Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop.


lol niice,good job,keep them coming !


There you go.