Community Administrator/Manager Looking for a community!


Who am i?

My name is Richard, i have been roleplaying for over 4 years now and back in the lcpdfr days, i have been in many communities with different roles and tasks i had to complete, also i will give you a list below!

What Skills do you have?

  • Many Documents, SOP’s, Civ Info and more all ready created by me(i can create from scratch as well)
  • Serious RP Situations (i Rp in game too lol)
  • Internal Affair situations
  • Organized
  • Friendly
  • open to all ideas

What Positions that are relevant have you held in the past?

  • Community Manager
  • Community Administrator
  • Director
  • Deputy Director
  • Chief of Police
  • Sheriff
  • etc…

Community Preference

  • Private Communities
  • Serious RP
  • Custom Work (cars,skins,etc)

Possible Positions

  • Community Manager
  • Community Administrator
  • Assistant Director
  • Department Administration

Contact Methods:

Discord: TheHardGamer101#9071


Add a direct connect to the server so users can see what it looks like. Maybe screen shots of vehicles, map edits, rp scenes, cads, etc.


I would recommend this server very professional and nice people running the whole thing! makes for an enjoyable experience


Is it possible that you could post some pictures of the CAD/MDT?


my server has that too


thats very cool dude.



“desync is real” Lol.


Why was he jailed on the road?


it was for the previous call


It would be a good time to let the post sit idle for a week. If it dies then make a new one.


bump bump and bump…


Hello I’m the owner of MLRP i saw your post and would like to invite you to my server!
What MLRP has to offer? We offer a friendly based community of serious RP and do not tolerate rdm or vdm. Are community has custom cars/addon and replaced with custom skin work made our owner of the server. We offer a cad mdt system with doj based. Custom scripts and peds. We are hiring all for civ, leo and fire ems. Some departments we offer bcso, local auxiliary, state, fire/ems, detective, gang unit, k9, asu air support unit, dte drug traffic unit