[Coming soon] Advanced FiveM Web Console


I’m not sure where I should be posting this. I hope this isn’t to horrible of a place. I coded a web console recently that was built around the web rcon tool I found on these forums(Link below). Initially I built a console around this that allowed starting and stopping the server, and had permissions for users who had access to the console. A few days ago I recoded the whole frontend and backend. Alot however is still thanks to @eVlad for making the original web console. I should also mention that the current design is ripped and modified from multicraft.

Firstly let’s go over what it currently does.
Starts Stops and Restarts the server and lists the currently online players. Plus of course executing commands on the server thanks to the web console. It also logs commands executed through the console, and who executed them.

Here’s what it looks like:

It also features user registration, and user logins

New user accounts must be activated by the administrator.

Now, the reason i’m showing this off is because I plan to release it here. But with more features; that’s why it’s coming soon. Planned features before release include having the whole thing be in one folder. right now the server is in a totally different server. I plan to make it that you can drop this on your own server, load it up, setup some settings like the superadmin username and password, and then hit the start button and have your own server running. I want to have it be able to detect new fivem updates and install them automatically.

Something else the console has is modified default resources. I’ve modified a few of the resources that come with fivem to add extra support here and there for the console to be able to interact more with not only itself but the game too. (there’s a command called “writetoconsole” that only the console can execute(users of the console cant run it) to tell the user things like lack of permissions. There’s also one called writetochat that modifies the default say command to make it do “[Console] ConsoleUser: Message” instead of “Console: Message”) These modifications would ship with the console itself. Now last but not least, this whole thing will be open source, so you can modify it any which way you want.

The console currently and will require the following things upon release:

  • Apache running on a linux machine
  • Screen

Any other requirements are simply unknown to me at this time.

Did I mention the console also has full color support(Though I have slightly modified my servers colors)?

(I just spammed the List Players button)

Sorry I’m all over the place here but the console will also save logs for you. You won’t be able to read them back in the web interface but will have them all stored for you if you ever need to look back.(It’ll save storage by cleaning the logs a bit before saving(eg. removing the heartbeat messages, compressing duplicate lines into one, etc.)

I don’t have an ETA on when this console will be released for you all but know that I am working on it and do 100% plan to release it.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope to get some good feedback on this :heart:

Also here’s the link to the web console I was referencing before.


Perfect description ,perfect feature, nothing to say more… maybe good luck? :wink:
Edit : Will it be responsive for mobile device?


Looks pretty nice. Like @Izio_Romain said, are you going to make it responsive?

OK, I get the login. But, why would you need a “registration” form? Wouldn’t it be easier for the superadmin to create the account themselves (with a randomly generated, temporary, password). Then, the users could change their password themselves. It could save on the registration form being spammed by malicious users (especially since there’s no captcha).

I wouldn’t call that a feature, more of a design choice. So, what other (actual) features do you plan on adding. Maybe (just an idea) add a “easy add-on installation” feature where the user can just enter a Github link and the portal automatically installs the addon.

Does it require Apache? If so, why? Is it just because that’s what you’ve tested on or, because of some other reason. And, what if I want to use another web server like nginx? Also, why does it require screen?

How about a Github link for us nerds to keep track of development :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure tbh. I’ll try but I’m not great at mobile development.

Your idea does sound easier for the end product. I’ll consider it.

The idea is you download it, drop it in your /var/www/ folder, or a sub folder of it, and then you load it up and it does what it needs to for setup stuff. you enter some information and then your basically done.

It may work on nginx. I can’t test it though. it probably does work on any web server that supports PHP.

Screen is what i used to hold the server. Since the server output is being pushed to a file instead of a terminal, screen was the easiest and most efficient option i was able to consider. especially since fivem doesn’t have a stop command.

Yea once I’ve made a version that doesn’t have all the checks to test if its me visiting, there’ll be a github.


Where can I download this panel? I loved!


The title says coming soon.