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Welcome to ACRP!!

Hello, Im Kawiz and this is my Server! If you guys are looking for a home then i would like to recommend to try us! We offer freedom and respect here. We are currently recruiting ALL positions in our server right now! We are also looking for a developer!

Our Discord
Our Website

What We Can Offer

• Custom Vehicles
• Custom Scripts
• Friendly Staff
• Active Members!
• Custom CAD/MDT
• Handcuff script

Our Departments!

• Los Santos Police Department
• San Andreas Highway Patrol
• Blaine County Sheriffs Office
• Los Santos Fire/EMS
• More coming soon…

Screen shots of some of our Vehicles!

Los Santos Police Department

Blaine County Sheriffs Office

San Andreas Highway Patrol


We have custom updates every single day to make the server as fun and enjoyable as possible!!!


Sorry for the bad screen shots!


Sheriff Vehicles Have been updated!!


Join our discord to receive a interview for LEO!


We are still looking for (Fire/EMS), (SAHP), (BCSO), (LSPD)!!


Alameda County is the best RP server and I love playing on the server lots of people are funny and nice.


Thanks blind for the review


This server is a pretty legit. fun people to rp with serious rp as well. if you are trying to find a home i would recommend this to everyone.


Thanks @pinegar25 for the review!!


Hi, look like a great server


no thanks!
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Thanks so much for the review!


Invalid discord link.


@ZachAye Its fixed! Thanks for letting me know.



We have almost a Full server everyday Come check us out!


Title is click-bait… But the server is good, I am having fun.


We have completely rebuilt our FiveM Server so come try us out!


Fun server! we are looking for good rpers so make sure to join!


We are looking for ADMINS/MODS come check us out! age limit to be staff is [14]


dude its a amazing server you should try it out