Colshire RPC | British FiveM Community | Recruting Members!



Colshire RPC we are always here Protecting The Public

** We would love to see you in our community as a Emergency Service. We are very new and we have a couple of members. it would be amazing to see you soon :wink:
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We have ‚ÄúLocal Police Team‚ÄĚ Open‚Ķ
We have ‚ÄúMotorway Police Team‚ÄĚ Open‚Ķ
We have " Armed Response Team" Open…
We have ‚ÄúColshire Ambulance Service‚ÄĚ Open‚Ķ
We have ‚ÄúColshire Fire Brigade‚ÄĚ Open‚Ķ
We Have ‚ÄúColshire Control Room‚ÄĚ Open‚Ķ

Hope to see you in the future in Colshire Emergency Services
Please Protect The Public!