Colorado State Roleplay - Need Developers!


Hello there! I am Ryan, and I own a community called Horizon Gaming Community. We are trying to open a FiveM server based on economy, not menu, and we are looking for developers as well as staff with previous experience. We are based on the State of Colorado and have a real Sheriff’s Deputy helping us on the PD side, and myself making skins for the server. However my current dev is needing help. We are looking for an experienced developer who can get us up and running. Thank you for reading! All are welcome to join the Discord, where we post updates and where we will announce the server opening. You will need to request member tags(This is to prevent spammers or those previously banned from causing mayhem), but we are always looking for new people. We are a fairly small community of a little over 30 people and growing quickly.


We already know what we are wanting from the server, and everything is on an itinerary including the cars and peds we are looking to use, the departments we will be using, where we want police stations and who’s assigned to them, and SOP’s/ranks for police officers. My personal discord tag is SMD Ryan#9508, and can also be used to contact me if you are not comfortable joining the server.