Code12 RPC Server discord and server under Development please feel free to join and help us grow!


Welcome to Code12 Gaming


Gibbs | 101

David | 102

Tyler | 103

This is a FiveM Police RP Community for PC, Based Out of the great state of Georgia With the Georgia State Patrol being the main focus of departments along with them we will have Fulton Co Fire & EMS as the main fire and ems for this RP community. In the futher when the community grows we will open other departments such as, Fulton CO Sheriff, and Atlanta PD

Our aim is to create a standard, way of life, and most importantly a fan base Community,


Have a mature attitude (age doesn’t matter as long as parents approve)
Must have a working microphone that doesn’t sound like a potato
The ability to take some direction from higher-ups
Our Discord is under development but please feel free to join discord . Ideas will be much appreciated.

Currently we are working on our Discord server

Server In progress


Director´s for GTRPC


Please do not join the discord and say you are qualified to be a head of department because your previous community experience, Great you have experience but register and apply for OUR community, what’s the reason? No we are not hungry from applications, but we do base how mature you can be off of the application. Are application is not 30 millions questions it’s the basics. Who you are, the time zone you are in, why should we choose you. That question tells us alot about your person and character, so please agian dont beg for a position, if you want a head position, fill out an application, Thank you - Directors of code12





Hello, we are having a little problem with the vps, but we do have a server that we can train on till the server is fixed, as of today we will skip the application but you still need to register on the site, we will be kinda fast forwarding this just for today to get members in positions. THANKS


In search of a dev to help config esx, join our discord and we can speak


They banned me because i didnt want the Head Dev position



You were kicked from the server, not banned. Lets be correct here, I gave you what we was looking for and you told me “No thanks” so you where removed from the server. Why would you wanna stay in the discord when you are not interested in one of the management positions in which i presented, sorry it wasn’t the management position you was looking for(manager with 3 years experience), but when you want to speak out of context please consider you position first. Thanks


I dont see the reason behind the ‘kick’ though. Not everyone on ur discord is gonna play, and maybe i would like another roles. but after that no.


you said no to the roles ,whats the point of sitting around lol


Please do not waste your time joining this server. The owners are very childish and power hungry. I was banned from this server shortly after joining for no reason.


Not looking to merge and you was told that, so that was the reason. Thanks


Banning someone because something didnt go your way is no way to run anything. Just saying, have a good day sir.


when constantly ask, and then get banned, then you post and say we are childish, thats not how you get your way kid.


keep these posts on topic, this is not an area to argue back and forth on, if you have an issue with a server when it comes to bans or what not take it to there forums or whatever they have setup for a form of contact.

Or… take it to the pm’s.


New stuff*
AI pullovers now implemented into the server, more vehicles skinned Esx server with jobs.

Side note
We are great people, we are adults. But we will not standby people joining our discord and demanding positions and calling us power hungry or application hungry, if you have no interest in the community theres no sense of you setting in our discord. If you dont want the roles we are offering and think we should make a special role for you because of experience then theres no sense of staying in the discord I will kick you out of the discord plain and simple. Dont see how that’s being power hungry, also every community has an application and training process to go thru, and we are no differnt, so if you cant follow our guide lines theres really no sense of staying in the discord.

Thank you for the time in reading this post.
Applications are open register and apply at Website is WIP
Discord link


Added EUP


You are only allowed to bump once (1) every 24 hours. Also got banned from this community because I did not join their server.


Hi thanks for the input but you replying bumped it also so whats your point? :slight_smile: but its not really bumping its posting updates thanks, and whats the point of being on the discord when your not going join? oh right to troll. Sorry not Sorry :wink: Have a good one


I wasn’t bumping it. If I were I would have just said “bump” but why would I bump your server? also I thought you weren’t childish and acted like an adult? anyways, if you have a problem with me commenting on your post, please flag it and have the admin tell you the same thing.

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