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Website: https://www.coastalroleplay.com

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Our Mission

The mission of Coastal Roleplay is to provide the best gaming experience with quality and professional roleplay, as well as create a friendly environment to make friends.

About Us

Coastal Roleplay is a Grand Theft Auto V Emergency Services Roleplaying community, established in 2018, our community prides ourselves in being one of the most advanced, realistic, and developed communities for Grand Theft Auto V. With in-house developers, we have created a completely custom vehicle fleet, fully custom uniforms, unique skins, and much more. We currently offer The Montebello Sheriff’s Department, Montebello County Fire Department, Montebello Communications (Staffed inside the Sheriff’s Department), and The Montebello Civilian Team. In addition to our community, we have also received recognition for our website by Enjin Administrators.

Why Us?

Coastal Roleplay has plenty of opportunities within our staff team and government agencies. We also welcome any person, with or without experience, to join our community as-long as you meet our qualifications!

Coastal Roleplay is a great place to take your roleplay to the next level. We welcome your creativity and feedback to help us give you the resources to roleplay.


Montebello County Sheriff’s Department

Divisions: Patrol Bureau, Training Bureau, Canine Unit, Emergency Response Team, Rescue Team, Traffic Services Unit, Dispatch, and Investigations Unit.

Ranks (achievable by all employees): Major, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Bonus Deputy I and II, Deputy, and Recruit.

Montebello County Fire Department

Divisions: Fire Division, EMS Division, Search & Rescue, Training Division, and Personnel Division.

Ranks (achievable by all employees): Fire Captain, Fire Lieutenant, Firefighter III or EMT-P, Firefighter II or EMT-I, and Firefighter I or EMT-B.

Montebello Civilian Team

Ranks (achievable by all employees): Civilian Supervisor, Senior Civilian, Civilian III, Civilian II, Civilian I, and Probationary Civilian.



Must be 14 years or older at the time of applying.

Must be willing to follow all community rules & regulations and department policies.

Must be willing to learn and improve. Must attend the department’s academy and any other training.

Must be a respectful, honest, and professional person.

Must be fluent in English.

Must have a working and decent quality microphone and headset at the time of applying or able to get one.

Must have a valid and legal copy of GTA V with the ability to install FiveM.


Join Us

Head to our website to apply for any department!

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Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay Community

If you have any questions or concerns, visit our TeamSpeak!

IP: crp.ts.nfosevers.com



This looks like a good server


do you have a discord i contact?


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, refer to the questions section on our website!

You will need an enjin account in order to submit one.


TSU is accepting applications to join their team! Come join a diverse, creative, and distinguished team!


Become apart of our Accelerated Hiring Process! Trainings will be based on prior knowledge, resulting in less time to become a routine Deputy, Firefighter, Civilian, or Dispatch!


Our accelerated hiring process is still progressing! Feel free to apply!


The Montebello Sheriff’s Department is hiring Officers into our Special Enforcement Bureau! Feel free to apply


If you are interested in Dispatching, The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department is hiring supervisors for our communication team! If you have questions, be sure to connect to Teamspeak


Ready to become a Deputy? Apply today!



Coastal Roleplay is accepting communities interested in merging! We are also still actively looking for supervisors in all departments!