Coastal County Florida | 14+ | LEO, Fire/EMS, and Civilian Roleplay | CAD/MDT |



About Coastal County Florida
Coastal County Florida (CCF) was founded on May 15th 2018, originally starting out as a ROBLOX community, and eventually evolving into the FiveM community. Coastal County has a lot to offer versus other community’s. We have custom vehicles, map upgrades, and civilian and emergency service jobs.

Available Departments

  • Civilian
  • Coastal County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO)
  • Coastal County Fire Rescue (CCFR)
  • Emergency Communications Management (ECOMM)

About the Server
Coastal County Florida doesn’t run very many mods that would assist in the Roleplay as a real life person such as food, water, jobs, bills/taxes, purchasable items, etc. We believe that the true Roleplay experience comes from how players act. We expect the players to go around and actually Roleplay that they need to buy drinks to stay hydrated, food to keep their stomachs from growling, and jobs to pay their bills. As a member of CCF, we are all expected to roleplay to the best of our abilities and to act as if our character, was our real life self.

Interested Yet?
The Coastal County Florida community doesn’t want to pressure individuals into joining, but we would like to see other players join the server, give it a go and see how they like it. We welcome everyone who wants to see a different perspective of Roleplay for FiveM and hope to meet you all!


Server Photos

Thankyou for your time Ladies and Gentlemen,
SemperDeadly - Chief Administrative Officer [CCF]