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Welcome to Coast to Coast RolePlay Community!

About CTCRP:

The Coast to Coast RolePlay Community is a small community that is just trying to have fun in a FiveM state of mind. Started in early 2018 (around March), we are trying to grow with nice and mature members of the community. We have patrols, we have fun, and most importantly, we treat each other like family, no matter what. We want you to come by and join our family, we are always welcoming even if you want to wait a while, whatever you’re comfortable with.

What does CTCRP offer?
Here at Coast to Coast we offer many departments to choose from, each one equally fun and entertaining, and all of them are hiring! Our Departments include but are not limited to:
• San Andreas Highway Patrol
• Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
• Los Santos Police Department
• Civilian Operations
• Los Santos Fire Department
• San Andreas Communications

About our server:
We have only one server, server one will be NON-ELS with amazing cars. (We also will take suggestions!)
We have many custom scripts for Law Enforcement AND Civilians!
We have custom skinned vehicles for Law Enforcement as well as very entertaining vehicles for Civilians!
We have mature members and administrators, although mature we always try to HAVE FUN!
Patient Administrators (We won’t rush you to do or learn anything! Work at your own pace!)
Experienced and trained Law Enforcement Officers
Server Side scripts such as the lambda Menu, no client files need to be installed!
We do allow dual clanning!
Much, much more!

Requirements for membership:
Must be the age of 13 or older the DAY you apply! EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE!
Must own a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V (Excluding San Andreas Communications)
Must be able to speak fluent English
Must be willing to learn and have fun.

More Information:
Application: We currently are accepting people without an application! If you’re interested join the fan server & let us know!
Fan Server: (this is where you ask questions if you have any)!
Again, we hope to see you soon and we hope you decide to join our family.

CTCRP Administration


If anyone is interested please let us know in the fan server.


No applications. Feel free to join us.