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Mission Statement

It is the mission of this role-play community that all of our members have a
great and realistic role-play experience. It is also the mission of this roleplay
community, with the ever-exploding world of GTA V RP, to try and
help anyone who applies to this community by accepting and helping
them advance their RP career. It is the mission of this community to
enforce the rules and policies fairly. It is the mission of this community to
treat every member and non-member with respect and dignity.

Command Staff Positions Available Upon Advancement

Major Command Staff Positions Open (Available with Advancement)

Los Santos Chief of Police

Los Santos County Sheriff (Future Position)

Blaine County Sheriff

Dispatch Director

Chief of Fire


CSRPC Rules:

CSRPC Application Link:

CSRPC Developer Application: Not Available yet

Age Limit is 15


[ELS][Custom Server][Teamspeak][CAD/MDT] Los Santos Brotherhood Role play Community
LSBRPC recruitment!

Do you guys need a vehicle modeler?


I applied and tried to register on your discord but it’s link is Expired!!




If that does not work please DM me.


This server is still actively recruiting. Great community with great people


We just got a brand new custom CAD/MDT!!!


If you would like to be apart of our recruitment team you can apply at the following link! -


We are still actively recruiting for all departments !!!


Bump, This community is STILL actively recruiting.


Joined Lots of fun! I enjoy roleplay with the members a lot!


The LSBRPC is currently looking for dispatchers! If you would like to apply for dispatcher you can apply here -


We are also looking for members for our fire department/ ambulance services! If you would like to apply for dispatcher you can apply here -


Are they non-els?

((Fucking twenty characters))


Yes they are!

((twenty characters))


We are happy to announce that our server now has ESX! We would love to have you join us!

-LSBRPC Recruitment Staff


The LSBRPC are currently looking for vehicle developers! If you would like to apply you can at the following link! -


We have moved our site to


New retextured engine!


Don’t have Grand Theft Auto Five? Don’t worry! Join our Communications Department and you can still be a part of the fun!

-LSBRPC Recruitment Staff