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New retextured engine!


Don’t have Grand Theft Auto Five? Don’t worry! Join our Communications Department and you can still be a part of the fun!

-LSBRPC Recruitment Staff


LSPD Has opened applications back up! I would really love to see some applications and new faces out patrolling!

You can apply at:

-LSPD Sergeant Andrew S. 2B-24


SAHP best department out there!!! Professionalism is on point and maturity of the people are also on point.
I definitely recommend this for people with new experience and people with past experiences of roleplaying. This server has a mature Director and mature staff team which for my opinion is really excellent. Also the department vehicles are nice.

Apply here:


Did you know that our website is up and running? You can find it at:

-LSBRPC Recruitment Team


SAHP has opened up 3 new sub-divisions!

-Air Unit
-Bike Unit
-Commercial Vehicle Enforcement!

Want to be a part of one of these divisions? Apply for SAHP at


Coast Side RP has opened applications!!

You can apply at the following link!

Make sure you have read over the community rules! -