can i get this post CLOSED Please

[YMAP] NEED HELP! Mechanic Shop On Panorama!

Nice Script I will tray and replay this comment


nice Bro i will try it right now

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works nice thanks

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Thanks bro good job

Can you remove this itmes

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if i can see them cos they aint on my end



sorry i had this instaled https://no.gta5-mods.com/maps/illegal-customs-at-sandy-shore-s-airport



haha no worrys dude


It’s nice to see you guys at OCRP releasing more of your awesome resources to the public! And this is why I like OCRP more than DoJ, you guys care for the Community and actually releases your scripts. Thanks :grinning:



This is great. So great that I put it in my server and didn’t even tell anyone about it. Within 10-15 minutes my staff started getting complaints about people fighting over who’s shop it was. Lol. Thanks for the release. :+1:


lol this made me laugh just reading it

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Nixx… why didnt u tell me u put this in


Nice to see more of the OCRP .YMAPs released! :slight_smile:

Are you by any chance planning on creating a thread with all of your released map mods at some point or will you create a new separate thread for each .YMAP? Just asking because I like using these mods in SP but I rarely check the FiveM forums, so it’s easy for me to miss stuff like this if there’s a separate thread created for each map mod instead of one thread with all of them in it which then gets updated when a new mod is released. But it obviously is up to whether you wanna create a thread like that or not


Great release there! Players really seem to enjoy it!


having an issue with the carpet in the office


yeah so i am i dude still trying to get a fix done but i have had to stop for now as i got other stuff to do for ocrp but i will jump back on to this as soon as i can with a better fix + updated ymap


would you mind sending me the xml for it?


there is no XML its jusy ymap

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