Closed Server



Thanks for Merging and seeing the potential the server has


Patrol happening at 4 on public server if interested you can join anyone is welcome to rp with us.


The Patrol Is Gonna Be Streamed


Public Server is fully open for anyone who wants to hop on and rp


Our Custom CAD lots of new features such as court system, fishing license and hunting license. Want to see why not come check us out to see all of are custom stuff. We have nice staff 2 server a public server and a whitelist server. cop cars with fast lighting. Also we have custom civ cars you can buy.


Would like to Announce that we have our own swat division opened in the server and here is a poicture of a swat ped and a swat BearCat . Hope you like it


We Are Giving Away A Free CAD/MDT First Come First Serve

Message Me On Discord At: Kaden H.#9995


I would like people to give us a chance i just don’t want people to join fill application out then not play on are server. If you give us a chance you will see we have lots to offer that might not be on other server.


We Are Currently Having A Patrol Anyone Can Come Join Us!!
Server Ip:
Teamspeak Ip:

Hope Yall Come Join Us!!


State Police Now Has New Vehicles, We Are Also Having A All Day Patrol

Join Today!!


We opened back up with a new name. We are now called Life Style RP. along with reopening server has had lots of changes to it.


Here are some pics of Fire, Game Warden, State Police and Los Santos Port Authority Police. More Picture will come soon.


Applications now open. We are Hiring for server staff, Cops, Sheriff, Troopers, Fire/EMS Game Wardens and Civs. Along with what we are hiring we hope to make sure the experience we are looking for is focused on life role play more then Emergency Services RP.


Server is officially open to the public. We are no longer whitelisted


Our new Fleet of cars in game


We now have a new site its wip as of now and we are no longer hosted by a gaming community we are on our own now.


Community is officially open to the public