Closed Community [AG]


Shut Down for goood.


10 outa 10 best server to have a good time on!!! :slight_smile:


Clearly he or she told you to say that. It is extremely obvious. They found the image online, no surprise, threw a discord llink in and some text. done -cc


Totally is the case, some random guy told me to make a post on the Server Bazaar. [sarcasm] :slight_smile: @rslr


10-10 Best out of the Best i have been here for very little time i am Shawn.W come join AG Gaming and if you want to Join dispatch Message Shawn.W


Great server to be part of.


Thank you! Much appreciated :smiley:


Currently looking for Deputies, Firefighters, Communications, and more Civilians, Developers, etc! Come join us! We are a super friendly and laid back community, providing the best or RP and have a great time as-well!


Updated OP, with Pictures of the CAD we use!


I’m sorry, I have just seen so many kids that have gotten their friends to comment that.


No need to apologize! Its all good!


I have 2 quick questions- Server sided cars, do you have users timing out a lot? Or cars not downloading correctly so users have no idea when they trample someone because their vehicle is not downloaded, what is the size of the download? Second, Is there a age restriction? If so maybe we could make an exception?


I mean 13 is pretty much the standard, and no issues with server sided vehicles.


Really great server. I’ve had the pleasure working with @Kitten in the past, and he has done a phenomenal job. Anyone who joins and wants quality serious roleplay - feel free to join! I think you’ll like it here :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile: