[CLOSED] BRO'S ROLEPLAY COMMUNITY [ BRPC ] - Serious RP - Recruiting Police and EMS! Custom CAD! ( http://cad.brpc.fun )


Bro’s Roleplay Community

Bro’s Roleplay Community is a GTA V FiveM Roleplay Server that encourages strong, realistic roleplay in a variety of forms!
From Police Chases, to Bank Robberies, through simple traffic stops and elaborate Investigations.

BRPC is a new, fresh community which has taken the best of other servers and compiled it into one, fun RP experience!

The fact that we are so new means that we’re a bit like a family. Everyone new is greeted with a smile and a metaphorical hug!

We care about our player base, and that will include you!

Our Departments:

  • Sandy Shores Police Department (SSPD)
  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO)
  • San Andreas Fire and Rescue (SAFR)

What we do differently

Our approach to RP is a bit different to other communities in that we try and obtain the best out of two worlds: economy and non-economy servers!

We ourselves are non-economy and what I’m going to call “semi-menu-based”.

The server is still in its Beta phase at this time, but we’re making gradual progress towards having locational spawning of objects. Vehicles, for example, are spawned at one of the vehicle shops, fixed at repair shops and painted or edited at LS Customs. But none of these actions requires any currency.

Other things are still menu based, but we’re gradually working towards making everything locational in time.

On joining you will need:

:diamonds: To join our Discord (for the rules and any info relating to the comunity)
:diamonds: A working microphone and set of vocal chords
:diamonds: To sign up to our custom CAD
:diamonds: To be 12 years of age or older (Must be 15 to join a police department or EMS)
:diamonds: Be serious about wanting to contribute to the community





If you line up with the above criteria, and are looking for a fresh, kind, caring community to be a part of Bro’s Roleplay Community is perfect for you!

If you’re already a part of the community and you’re enjoying it, leave us a comment, tell us about it!

Here are a few screenshots showing off our custom police vehicles: