Client verifying server-cache issue (Multiple servers)


As posted in #server-discussion @ Discord earlier.

There’s a problem regarding client verifying server cache. Case is:

  • I start a server #1
  • I edit a resource, and start server #2 (from same directory = same resources/files)
    -> Then all new players, that tries to connect to server 1 wil get this error!

Server: Windows build 866.
Client: Production

This didnt use to be an issue.


Is there a use case for editing resources for one server without restarting it? Genuinely curious.


We got 3 prod. servers. 1 is always online, sometimes 2, and the 3rd one is for when we need it someday.
I then had a 4th server. All 4 servers is started from the same working directory, but just with differerent configs.

Then I just restarted the 4th server like I wanted to without it inflicted the former started servers.
Does this make any sense? Guess I’ll just need to make a new directory now for dev-server.

But the other-way-around it didnt have to copy things around, and could kinda do dev shit “live”.
(I’m well aware it’s not the proper way to do this, and it’s me being lazy – if this doesnt get fixed I’d start git anyway)


You can use symbolic links if you’re on windows. Linux has the same thing but its called something else. Basically, clone server 1 files to another virtual location so you can run multiple servers.