Client Side Scripts


I am curious as to how I can do this? I am really wanting to use:

or I guess they did some update on the script and also have

either one really, just want to be able to exit my vehicle and it stays on, engine and headlights. I have tried probably 5 different youtube videos and feel I am either missing something or it can’t be done, any tips?


I suggest using BVA “Basic Vehicle Actions” by Lt.Caine.


I just tried installing this, simply put the ASI in my plugins folder where my trainer is correct? Cause now FiveM crashes on the loading screen into servers.


Yes, that is how you install it. I use it and it works fine… I can’t remember off hand if it comes with an .ini config file. If it does, place that in your main GTAV directory.


Maybe could it be conflicting with another mod? I have: Ambiance, Enhanced Reborn Trainer, Gravity Gun, and Open Interiors.

Let me note FiveM doesn’t do the normal “Fatal Crash” or w/e it does normally when crashing, it just simply stops responding and force closes.

Another edit…wait do I install make a plugins folder in the GTA directory? or the FiveM application data plugins folder I have for my trainers


If it is script hook enabled it will not work.