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Hello guys, I would like to know if is possible to create something like a “whitelist” that only allow some players to use client script on the server. that would be so good if possible. And what’s the impact if keep the client script open in a roleplay server?



Hii @Mattsixxxnine!

Even i do understand / get the thoughts behind your idea! This has been asked already many times on the forums but in divergent context!

No the server has really one simple straight forward option to enable or disable the client sided scripts.

But coming back to your described question ;, you should take a look in serversided menu’s that is similar to the known lambda menu but serversided.

That will give you all possibilities regarding, to whitelisting users to use functions and options and even more!

Here is an link to release on the forums
vMenu - Incl. permission system

Hope your question is answered !
Ciaoo’ :crossed_fingers:

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omg, thanks, but the idea to alow client scripts is to use steering wheel and H-shifter, I hope that v-menu helps me



Hey @Mattsixxxnine ,

Well let me tell you that result already it would not support it the way you searching for.
If im right about the Controller.asi script for steering wheel + shifters.

Well i do get the clear picture of the allowing this clientsided script becouse i used it my self for my G25 wheel.

Maybe there are some codes on the web, maybe that script for supporting steering wheels incl. shifters is opensource / public.

As far as i do remember its basicly an NativeUI menu with all the annoying work and configuration already done…



My friend is creating a server, but if I want to use the steering wheel and shifter he needs to open for client scripts, and tat sucks, cause he scared to ppl who log to mess with the server… I didn’t understand very well, but, are you telling me that is possible to do without to open client script ?


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As said above feel free to use a server-side menu. As for your question it’;s not really a feature request for default FiveM…