Client Natives for Notepad++


Hello, i have added all natives of the scripthook methods to a notepad++ file. Natives will be auto-completed. Basic Lua functions are also included from here.


  • Goto Notepad++ program files (C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins\APIs)
  • Insert lua.xml from here
  • Restart Notepad++ and try out



Not all Natives are included and some methods’ parameters are unequal to lua scripting functions.
If you found wrong methods, send me a message.


Have Fun :smile:

[HELP] Understanding the example script

Wow this is very cool, 100% gonna use this!


Thank you !


Thx, used java for translating into XML xD. Had no desire to write all 5000 lines again.


Nice ^^ , gonna use it too.