Clean ScoreBoard (NBoard) [ABORTED 😭] [ESX] => N.A.HUD



Im releasing this scoreboard made with HTML, CSS and VUEJS2 for ESX
.- :desktop_computer: Clean Dark
.- :high_brightness: Glowing Text
.- :white_check_mark: Working Clock
.- :ok_hand:Remote CSS & HTML Updating (Remote View System)
.- :face_with_monocle: Transparent Background
.- :+1:Customizable colors & glow
The following screenshots are showing scripts under development this mean that there will have modifications

Dark Theme (25h/24h😂)


NBoard View Loader


Remote Upgrading

When there's a new major update

Custom Gradient with Gradient Theme


The lua’s scripts are not ready yet.

You will not have access to nboardview.vue and nconfig.js as well n3x.js because it will be remotely hosted on a ftp server and you don’t need it , that way i can make new themes or fix issues only on HTML and CSS side because is a view that is loaded by scoreboard.html so i just have to modify the view and the css , i can’t remotely modify the lua :joy:if there is script modification added in luafiless then this is considered as major update , when i will modify css you don’t need to re-download only for get new css update .

Why View System is nice ?
Because if i add new themes you just need to go in your config.js and add one line or motify the existing line to customize it , yeah that’s it , no re-redownloading the whole css files or html, bla bla bla only for a theme

There’s a lot of cool features using this system , i will explain it later

(I haven’t finished the description, to be continued :joy:)


.- 2 Themes will be added soon (Gradient blue + green & Gradient Pink + Red)

Release Date : Aborted :sob:

If i get under 4 as note , i will not release it , because i consider that you don’t like it

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Leave me a comment that you think i can make better
Free to use or modify , just don’t forget to credit me if you modify it.


dang that’s sick looking


Wow I want this! Nice job man, looks amazing!


The real question is, what does it require to work?


It is for ESX or VRP?


@Fobarias Its for ESX


Nevermind ! ! ! ! ! !


I dont like because is only for ESX :disappointed_relieved:


@cTm You dont like the NBoard or the fact that is only for ESX ? These things are completely different


Only esx users should vote :thinking: . The poll is skewed. :roll_eyes:


@Scorpio686 The pool is for let me know if the UI is clean and you like it , if the people don’t like it , i will not release it , currently i will not , we are under 4 that mean globally people don’t like it , and i haven’t finished yet , when i will if the poll is under 4 , i will delete that post , and yes it is under ESX because im using ESX so i know how it works


I know, esx users like this scoreboard.Those who do not like are on es or vrp. See the message above. :confused: your scoreboard is nice. Thank you


I don’t like that we can’t have full access to the plugin.


@Roddan yes you don’t have the full access, because it supports very cool features like the ability to have themes , i can improve stability , bugs , add new themes in the HTML Structure and the styling of the css , without you need re-download the files, just for a little css patch or html one, its like magic

You only have 5 files, server.lua, scoreboard.lua, config.js, scoreboard.html, listener.js, that’s all
very soft , clean , customizable , you can make your custom gradient with gradient theme and more soon , what you need more? any ideas are welcome


@Scorpio686 Do you know how coding vRP Stuff , i can maybe help you to adapt it , send MP if you need


You should add a feature so we can disable remote updates if people want to.
Are you planning to release the unreleased files if you decide to shut it down?


Idk im on esx too :slight_smile:


Will there be a option to adapt a playerlist under the clock? :thinking:


Good :slight_smile: :+1: