CivilizationRP | PD - SO | EMS | Legal & Illegal Jobs | Gangs | Mafia | Trains | ELS and more


We here at CivilizationRP are looking for people who are interested in Serious role play.

Some of what we have to offer: (16 and Up Only)

Police - Sheriff - State Tooper
K9 - Ai controlled dogs no need for a player to change skins
ELS - Emergency Lighting System
Legal Jobs - Uber, Delivery, Medical Transport, Mechanic and more
Illegal Jobs - Drugs (Weed/Cocaine), Gun Running and a few more hidden ones
Los Santos Customs
Local Government (Mayor, Judges, City Council)
Legal System
And so much more

Their is a lot more to mention but not enough time so you should come check us out. You can just search for CivilizationRP or come check us out on Discord at or on our Teamspeak Website Coming Soon.

Our History.
We are originally from Arma3 and move over to GTA 5 a little bit ago. All of our Senior Staff is over 25 with over 5 years of serious role play experience, and 3 years in a high-up administrative position. Our goal is to provide an amazing place for you to truly role play not just gun play.


Just added Fire with a whole line of fire trucks and apparatuses.