[Civ][ESX] Font Awesome Chat [v1.3][Updated 1/8/2019]


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🗚 Civ Font Awesome Chat

Civ Font awesome chat is a simple chat that I had learned how to make threw the forums and the help of the community and basic HTML and CSS, alot of people have been asking me to release this and I had not had time to release it but since the closure of my server CivLife I feel like the community deserves these screenshots are below I honestly don’t think this warrents a release but I guess people can’t build it themselfs.


Design By: :snowman_with_snow: KrizFrost :snowman_with_snow:
esx_rpchat Creator (for ease of use)

:page_with_curl: Instructions

The resources need to be started in this order

start chat
start chat-theme-civlifechat
start esx_rpchat

:books: Heads up

You will need to know basic CSS to modify this and improve this please do not ask for help when it comes to transparent the chat it is very simple and it is on the forums I have done most of the work for you simply just change it to transparent I do not believe in releasing stuff that doesn’t encourage you to learn something so please do look it up.

I’ve been apart of this community for 2 years, I have met some amazing people and have been a part of a lot of great projects and helping servers develope amazing cool features and helping those who genuinely want to learn things. today, I am finally releasing some of my pride projects (They are not much) but they are the most requested projects. Sadly due to code being hijacked(WWRP) I have no choice but to release it before its redistributed without my permission. None the less I want to thank all the moderators and all the staff on this community for doing an amazing job and continue to manage the forums in such an amazing way. Here is one of multiple of my requested projects that I had not released.

Note: /me does not work but it is possible to make based on the design and template provided in the script its easy to do

This was developed using Font awesome and the basic Font features of templates that is apart of FiveM
It wasn’t hard to make nor is it hard to learn to make but I feel like I should release it anyways cause people are having issues figuring it out.


Via Github


RegisterCommand('tweet', function(source, args, rawCommand)
    local playerName = GetPlayerName(source)
    local msg = rawCommand:sub(6)
    local name = getIdentity(source)
    fal = name.firstname .. " " .. name.lastname
    TriggerClientEvent('chat:addMessage', -1, {
        template = '<div style="padding: 0.5vw; margin: 0.5vw; background-color: rgba(28, 160, 242, 0.6); border-radius: 3px;"><i class="fab fa-twitter"></i> @{0}:<br> {1}</div>',
        args = { fal, msg }
end, false)

Note: I will not be providing any support or any assistance on this it is simple as hell seriously please do not dm me regarding this.

Chat customizations
[REQUEST] Someone complete this resource to work properly?
Hello, I am A Developer [Un-Available]

Look pretty dope, nice.


expect more releases today

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closed #4
unlisted #5

System resource replacements are not allowed.

Use the exported APIs.

opened #7
listed #8

OP has removed System resource replacement and made use of a chat theme instead.


Link has been updated working link and it is no longer closed & Unlisted guys your welcome :slight_smile: enjoy

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Thank you for sharing your contributions KrizFrost very nice of you to give back to the community!

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why does /me not work look


Because we just use the generic typing without a command to be the /me we didn’t really care for it to be redesigned as it was meant to stand out to the other players so by just typing it would display proximity chat, you can add /me yourself with the code I provided or the code inside the script itself. as I do not provide support for this as I have stated sadly this one is to encourage people to be creative and work on it.

Edit as I can see it is advertised to work so I will state it doesn’t work considering that was changed in a later version I made.


Great script, it works but how dome the images are not for example /tweet there is no bird? if I can get the images working then I be a happy boy!



Make sure to clear cache restart and make sure you have them started in the proper order, you need to delete your servers cache when its turned off.
If your not getting the emojis or emotes before the text then your cache is the issue or you messed with the css and broke something.
something else could also be taking primary over the chat design as well.


Cache cleared and server rebooted still the same it works but no twitter logo etc… the only thing I messed with months ago was the main chat as in position on the screen and font type I believe


also I got the correct order but the esx_rpchat start later on as its in with my ESX section but starts last


Without ESX this would be great. But good job regardless.


I have the same problem


ok so i made it so when you do /me
but how do i change the image?