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Welcome to CityRealism!


Welcome to CityRealism! We are a community filled with dedicated roleplayers, who have the same interests as you, to have fun! We are currently seeking units for our SAHP and BCSO divisions. CityRealism is looking for dedicated roleplayers to fulfill roles within our server. We are opening a public economy server soon, and would like some advice and feedback on that as well!

In-Game Screenshots

Introduction Menu:

Emotes Menu:

Custom Action Menu:

With our custom action menu, you can advertise from services such as facebook, downtown cab co. and more! You are also able to put your hands on your head, and kneel as a civilian. Within the LEO tab officers are able to toggle their duty weapon, rifle, and more!

General Information

Teamspeak IP:
Server IP:

Custom Vehicles

CityRealism has custom emergency vehicles tailored to respond to incidents quickly. We have vehicles such as dodge chargers, chevy suburbans, crown victorias, and more! Our custom vehicles can be found in the in-game screenshots listed above!


CityRealism is recruiting for all emergency services! We are recruiting on police, fire/ems, and dispatchers! You may apply for these factions on our website at

Our goal

Our goal is not to gain money, but to simply have fun! We are a fully serious rp community, meaning no goofing off! We take roleplaying very seriously, and will issue punishments for those who decide to disrupt the environment we have set, here at CityRealism.

Emergency Services & RP Location

We are going to have three emergency service factions to serve Blaine County. Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, San Andreas Highway Patrol, and Blaine County Fire Department. While we are based in Sandy Shores, RP is currently limited to the following areas:

  • Grapeseed
  • Sandy Shores
  • Paleto Bay

We will most definitely expand into more areas of the county as we get more people on the server.

Come join us!

CityRealism is looking for people like you, so what are you waiting for? Come check us out!


Our new RP location is back in sandy, for player FPS reasons. We now contain 2 divisions, BCSO and SAHP. We are accepting currently come down and apply @


I am very pleased to announce a development update with the server! I have added all planes, as well as attack helicopters, tanks and such to a vehicle blacklist. Also all explosives and most heavy weapons have been blacklisted. These changes are part of our anti-troll initiative that we are implementing here at CityRealism. Hope to see you soon!

Developer and Manager


Bump: City Realism is still looking for dedicated Deputy Sheriff’s and Highway Patrol Troopers! Come join our Teamspeak for a fast-paced application process, and get to speak with the Sheriff and Highway Patrol Deputy Commissioner!

~ Blizzard


We are now recruiting civilian operations managers and officers. Come join our teamspeak to discuss possibly filling one of those roles.




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