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City of Toronto RP is a community server based off of the city of Toronto that hopes to emulate Canadian emergency services, as well as the lives of citizens of Toronto. We carry all the essentials to protect and serve the city, such as the famous Ontario Provincial Police the Toronto Fire Service, the Toronto Paramedic’s Service, and of course the great citizens of the city. We offer a mature, but fun roleplay community, and realism to the City of Toronto. The best part is, we are looking for members! All departments are open for recruitment. Have fun, and join the Queen City!

Recruitment Video:
To Join Our Community Please Submit an Application on our website

downloadOntario Provincial Police

Who We Are
The OPP is a division of the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (MCSCS), the largest operational ministry in the province with a presence in every community across Ontario. We are the largest police service in Ontario and the second largest in Canada.

Our Vision
Safe Communities… A Secure Ontario

Our Mission
Committed to public safety, delivering proactive and innovative policing in partnership with our communities.

Our Values
Professionalism - Accountability - Diversity - Respect - Excellence - Leadership

What are the requirements to join?
-All Applicants to the Toronto Police Service must be a minimum of 16 years of age.
-All applicants must be able to speak, read and write fluent English

  • All Applicants must apply with their real first and last names to ensure higher security
    -All Applicants must have a working microphone

Our Organization
The Commissioner is the highest-ranking member of the OPP and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of what the OPP does. The organization is divided into four commands: Traffic Safety and Operational Support, Investigations and Organized Crime, and Field Operations. Each of these four command areas is led by a Provincial Commander.

Commissioner: Enrique Rodriguez
Deputy Commissioner: Vacant
Deputy Commissioner: Vancant

Traffic Safety and Operational Support

What we do

Members of this command are front-line and specialized unit officers, security experts and information and technology specialists.

This command includes

This Command is divided into two distinct units: Highway Safety Division, Field Support Bureau.

Highway Safety Division
Highway Safety Division (HSD) focuses primarily on traffic enforcement and safety. HSD employs approximately 770 uniform, civilian and auxiliary members and patrols approximately 139,000 kilometres of highway. The HSD Provincial Traffic Safety Program focuses on addressing high-risk behaviors to reduce injuries and save lives on Ontario’s highways, trails and waterways.

Field Support Bureau
Field Support Bureau oversees the Emergency Management Unit, Specialized Response Teams, Auxiliary Policing Program, Aviation Services, Critical Incident Response and the Offender Transportation Program.

Investigation and Support Bureau

What we do

Members of this command are lead investigators, analysts and support personnel. They spearhead investigations in numerous areas from health care fraud to organized crime.

This command includes

Investigation and Support Bureau supports highly technical, major, serial or multi-jurisdictional criminal investigations. There are a number of specialists within this area including Behavioural Sciences and Analysis, Electronic Crime investigation, Forensic Identification and Technical Support.

Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau is mandated to disrupt and suppress organized crime.

Professional Standards Bureau oversees the investigation of complaints and criminal allegations made about OPP officers or civilian employees.

Provincial Operations Intelligence Bureau members anticipate, prevent and monitor criminal activities when a person or group is involved in an organized or sophisticated or professional crime.

Investigation and Enforcement Bureau (AGCO) members work to ensure the gaming, alcohol and lottery industries are conducted honestly and are free from criminal elements and activity.

Available Patrol Detachments:

Central Region

Central Region officers serve the communities of Sandy Shores, Harmony, Grapeseed and all of the surrounding area. These communities often get heavy tourist traffic year round due to the stunning parks, lakes, and forestry which is located in Central Region. This means officers must deal with a multitude of calls from boating mishaps to illegal camping and hunting. With the influx of tourist traffic, collisions are more probable and happen on a regular basis. Being a part of the central region detachment is certainly a challenge. The question is, are you up for it?

North Region

North Region officers just like their Central Region counterparts deal with heavy tourist traffic due to the lovely beaches along the shoreline. North Region officers serve the communities of Paleto Bay, Chiliad Provincial park along with all communities along Highway 1. Officers out of this detachment don’t always drive dodge chargers or Tahoe’s they are often seen patrolling in pickup trucks or patrolling the parks on ATV’s. Finally, besides being home to some of Ontario’s worst criminals, the Paleto forest is also home some pretty dangerous animals. Are you ready?

How Do I Become A Police Officer?

  • Complete Online application form
  • An O.P.P recruiter will be in contact with you.
  • Set a day and time for your first interview
  • Upon a successful interview, you will be assigned as a Cadet-In-Training
  • Once a cadet successfully completes their prescribed training they would be reclassified as a provincial constable.

Please be advised that the process for becoming a Police Constable within the CTRP community is competitive and as such, an applicant may be declined at any stage of the process.

Toronto Police Communications Centre

Thank you all for your interest in the Communications & Dispatch department! In C&D, it is your responsibility and duty to communicate effectively and to dispatch emergency personnel with efficiency, and accuracy.

What you can expect:
Communications & Dispatch is dedicated to providing the best services possible to the citizens of Toronto, as well as the city’s emergency services. We strive to accurately and compassionately take 911 calls and promptly send the proper emergency service. We also make the best efforts to instruct civilians over the phone on how to properly administrate life-saving procedures while medical services are on the way.
Requirements to join:

To join the Communications & Dispatch center, you must fulfill the following requirements.
Minimum of 16 years of age. (Exceptions of extreme maturity).
Fluency in the English language.
Able to provide first & last names.
Working microphone.
Stable internet connection. (Must be able to run the CAD system).

How can I join?:
Fill out an application here .
Conduct an interview on our Discord.
Conduct a training session to learn about our CAD/MDT, and learn about dispatching calls.
Begin probationary period (3 supervised patrols).
Climb up the ranks!
Command Staff:
(Interim) Dispatch Director - Sebastien C.
Dispatch Asst. Director - Vacant
Dispatch Manager - Vacant
Dispatch Supervisor - Vacant.
Once again, thank you for your interest in Communications & Dispatch, and enjoy your time spent on CTRP.

Toronto-Paramedic-Services1 svg Toronto Fire & EMS

Welcome to Toronto Fire Services and Toronto Emergency Paramedics Services.
We are a highly skilled team of firefighters and EMS personnel. Our team is made up of both full-time staff and part-time staff from the City of Toronto. We are the men and women that keep Toronto safe 24/7.
We take pride in protecting and helping everyone in Toronto to the best of our abilities and beyond with guidance, fire prevention education, first aid and cpr seminars, town hall meetings and much more.
Come and apply for either Toronto Fire or Toronto Paramedics. Let’s save lives!
No experience is necessary! All is welcome!

preview_0 Citizens Of Toronto

What Can You Expect? As a citizen of Toronto, you will have a wide variety of jobs and scenarios to chose from. We offer jobs from anything from a bus driver to a 24/7 CEO. We offer a lot of careers advancements till you find your dream careers.

What are the requirements to join?
-All Applicants of Civilians Of Toronto must be a minimum of 16 years of age.
-All applicants must be able to speak, read and write fluent English

  • All Applicants must apply with their real first and last names to ensure higher security
    -All Applicants must have a working microphone

Career Opportunities
As Civilians of Toronto, we offer many different opportunities to expand your career as a Civilian. All subdivisions jobs can be found below this message. All civilians must go through our basic training program and a probationary period before being eligible to patrol. Following successful completion of training, you will be assigned to a basic job where you will remain until you are a at least Civilian II. Once the rank of Civilian II is earned you will have the option to apply for a specialized career.

Available Specialized Career And Ranks
24/7 Convenience Store

  • CEO
  • Vice CEO -
  • Area Manager
  • General Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Cashiers
    Casey Highway Clearance
  • Owner
  • Co-Owner
  • Area Manager
  • General Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Tow Truck Operator
    Fleeca Banks
  • Ceo
  • Co CEO
  • franchise Owner
  • Financial Manager
  • Loan Officer
  • Head Teller
    Toronto Customs
  • CEO
  • Vice President
  • Shop Owner
  • Shop Manager
  • Shop Supervisor
  • Mechanic

Pizza This

  • CEO
  • Vice CEO
    -Regional Manager
    =Area Manager
  • General Manager
    Shift Leader
    Team Member
    Non-Specialize Careers
    Bus driver
    Cab driver
    Garbage Man

How Do I Become A Civilian Of Tononto?

  • Complete The Online application form
  • A Civilian recruiter will be in contact with you.
  • Set a day and time for your first interview
  • Upon a successful interview, you will be assigned as a Recruit Civilian
  • Once a civilian successfully completes their training they would be reclassified as a probation Civilian

Please be advised that the process for becoming a Civilian Of Toronto within the CTRP community is competitive and as such, an applicant may be declined at any stage of the process.

Command Staff
Civilian Director - Vacant
Deputy Civilian Director - Vacant
Civilian Manager - Vacant
Civilian Supervisors, Adam A., Vacant, Vacant, Vacant
Reserve Supervisor Vacant

Community Administration

Director: E. Rodriguez

Merge Proposal
We are a fairly sized Canadian based RP community are currently looking for smaller communities to merge in with us. Currently, we have the Toronto Police Service as our primary police agency patrolling the city of Los Santos. The Toronto Police Service is very well organized and established in our community and has a plethora of different specialized units. TPS also has 6 patrol divisions within the service which would be available for incoming communities to lead. There are many possibilities for communities who merge with us as the goal is to have a vibrant and active community and to achieve that we need a community filled with active members

Toronto Police Service
The Toronto Police Service is split into 6 patrol divisions (11,12,42,51,52,54) each division would have its own patrol area within the city. An incoming community would be able to take control of 1 of 6 patrol divisions and organize it and customize it as they please and build their own divisional command team. Within the TPS and our community as a whole, we strive to be as realistic as possible. So with that being said the main rules an incoming community would have to follow is that they follow our existing TPS structure (Ranks, Unit Numbers) which corresponds with the IRL TPS structure which will be explained and aided with our custom made community organizing tools we utilize.

We have a beautifully made custom cad, realistic cars, Economy Mod in the works for the future, training and much more will be provided to everyone, a realistic roleplay experience, plenty of opportunities for everyone to rank up and at last a very solid team of admins and devs.

Lead members of an incoming community will receive Administration roles on top of their divisional command roles. This will allow them to work directly with our Directors to make the community a better place.

We’re also open to any suggestions to help make this community a place for everyone.

We’re only allowing communities to merge with us and not vice versa

FREE | Vehicle Developer | Texture Developer | System Admin | Community Manager
City of Toronto Roleplay - Looking for developer
Server Merge

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